Monday, 13 May 2013


A few years ago...

our indie team, passionate about computer games, gathered in a quest for "Let's make our own game". Ideas came and go, all of them around a set of goals:

  • Find a niche market
  • Do not make another copy of what is out there
  • Make it playable through the web
  • No installations, instant play
  • Find a financial model that would make the game sustainable
... and let there be Urban Galaxy Online.... a browser based MMORPG set in a unique world.

So, an MMORPG with flying cars in a cityscape? Hmmm, looked like we were the first to do something like that, so it sounded like a good idea, getting inspired by sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner or the 5th Element.

Next step, lets find a cool universe around it, that will set the base for cool/expandable stories on top of it... and let there be Anassin, the capital city of Dual Solar Empire, the place where the game takes place.

After setting the gameplay goals and the basic background story, it was time to start coding our tools... (to be continued)

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